Privacy Policy


The following is the privacy policy of Care for Chinese Animals and its subsidiaries, hereinafter Care for Chinese Animals. The aim is to inform all readers, users and customers about the way we process and treat data and information that we provide through the web pages and different applications of Care for Chinese Animals.

Care for Chinese Animals states that it recognizes as a user’s right to update, modify or delete information that is provided in advance and agrees to be appropriate in order to run updates and corrections required procedures. Likewise, Care for Chinese Animals undertakes to delete from the database to the user who so requests.

We declare that the Care for Chinese Animals sites reported anonymously to Google Analytics system information. This information is used to know the proportions of age groups, gender and interests of our visitors in order to provide a better experience.


Across Care for Chinese Animals website, the user must register to access the contents of the websites. In all cases, the information is stored and used in compliance with the Law on Protection of People Against the Treatment of Personal Data (No. 8,968).

Users are themselves who complete their personal data in the Care for Chinese Animals sites, so it is your responsibility that the information is true, accurate, complete and current.

In each form or data collection you will be requested personal information will be used by Care for Chinese Animals, to be stored in the registration database Care for Chinese Animals with a general interest of commercial prospecting, as will be detailed later.

It will be reported before and each data entry form or data which are mandatory and which are optional in nature, based on the above characteristics and Conditions of Use of each page.

Also it may collect non-personal information so that we guarantee no data linking directly with the person.

Other information can be provided voluntarily by users via surveys or questionnaires, which depends exclusively on the willingness of users.


In the first instance, to register in our database, each user can receive a welcome email, which consists of a general informative bulletin of the products and services offered Care for Chinese Animals.

In the same way, and in cases of pages related to specific projects Care for Chinese Animals with third parties, each user who logs you can access the benefits and participate in such projects and promotions as formally communicated, in the same way the user can receiving marketing related communications.

The specific purposes for which contact information is collected are: compliance with the objectives of the website as indicated in the Terms of Use of the site or application, sending communiques, own or third party advertising content through technology platforms Care for Chinese Animals, promotions, information or updates and information related to transactions; purchases of goods or services where appropriate and site permits.

The user may also receive general opinion surveys on one or more products of Care for Chinese Animals. Similarly, the information provided may be used by Care for Chinese Animals to understand the behavior and interests of users and improve products, services and / or advertising.

Then it reiterates that under informed that granted consent, users who have registered in the database and affiliated with certain services or products may receive information related thereto, birthday messages, information about special events and dynamic promotional , emails and other special occasions involving product information or promotions Care for Chinese Animals.

By registering, users expressly accept these shipments and processing of data as indicated, all this in direct relation to the products or services in which each user logs in.

Any information or material that users send through Internet sites and applications Care for Chinese Animals such as questions, comments, suggestions or the like, will be considered non-confidential, so Care for Chinese Animals has no obligation to treat such information as confidential and is free to use any ideas, concepts, knowledge or content that is incorporated into such information or material.


Care for Chinese Animals respects the right of users to informational self-determination in relation to their life and the free exercise of the rights of personality, recognizes the right they users to know the treatment that the information provided is given by them regarding the data for him.

In the same way and on their own, users can access the contact form and / or user profile and make the appropriate changes.

Similarly, users have the power to unsubscribe through access at each site, is enabled. Users who wish to stop receiving newsletters can click on the “Unsubscribe” link, which is integrated in the footer of all emails, to not receive future messages.

The information you provide on the sites of Care for Chinese Animals will be held in receipt by the Area Office Information Technology Group. Care for Chinese Animals uses safe and reliable platforms and instructs its employees for the proper performance and compliance with these privacy policies.
Storage and processing of information each user is handled by a Protocol of Actions, ensuring efficiency and confidentiality of the service.


Care for Chinese Animals provides conservation information according to the conditions of the site, the user’s wishes and the applicable regulations. This information will be retained for the time necessary to fulfill the purposes set out in each of the sites where the user has been entered, or until the user requests a formal deregistration.


Care for Chinese Animals does not sell or rent personal information to third parties registered users may share such information with third parties if the user expressly states approval.

Care for Chinese Animals does not track visitor outside the Care for Chinese Animals sites through its own cookies or third parties. However, this information may be used internally by Care for Chinese Animals for the purposes stated above in this policy or for purposes relating to each site.

Exceptions are cases in which the information is required by competent administrative or judicial authorities. In such a situation, Care for Chinese Animals is legally required to comply with the requirements of these entities.

Care for Chinese Animals may have and / or transmit user information stored in their databases to a third party to acquire the ownership or operation of services related to the website, either partially or totally. Should this occur, that fact will be announced on the website to ensure users that any changes in privacy policies will be communicated promptly.

Also, Care for Chinese Animals may share anonymous collective information with the Care for Chinese Animals companies or third parties, visitors to the websites of Care for Chinese Animals, for purposes of statistics and evaluation of new services.


Care for Chinese Animals has implemented all reasonable security measures for the protection of user information in order to prevent misuse, manipulation or unauthorized access to that information. However, users acknowledge that the measures outlined may not be sufficient to accidental loss of information, the use of new technologies or hacker attack.

Care for Chinese Animals can not guarantee the implementation of similar measures in those web sites or links containing the website on third parties that are not part of Care for Chinese Animals, since it has no control over them. It is therefore recommended that users view or verify the privacy policies or terms of use of such sites or links.

Internet sites use cookies Care for Chinese Animals and other technologies to identify the browsing behavior of users on sites they own.

Users can configure their program or Internet browsing tool to control whether to accept or reject such measures, such as cookies or to inform them whenever cookies are sent.

Users understand and accept that some of the products and / or services may be aimed at people over 18, so parental supervision is required. the importance of reading the Terms of Use of each site as well as the applicable regulations is reiterated.

Care for Chinese Animals reserves the right to amend this policy to adapt to legal developments as well as industry best practices and information and communication technologies. Users can view and / or periodically review the privacy policy in the direction and Conditions of Use of each of the websites of Care for Chinese Animals.

For more information, send us a message on our Contact Us page.