Year: 2016

Wuhan Cat Rescue

Tom Hanks suffering seems nothing against a real castaway who was rescued from a deserted island in Australia. As reported by ABC News, the team behind the television program “River Monsters” Animal Planet found a real surprise in Australian shores

500 Caged Dogs Rescued in Kunming China

Did you know that the eel is a kind of danger of extinction? Or that sea turtles habitat abruptly drawn suffer decompressive syndrome that can cause their death in just minutes? They are scientific questions that can arouse the curiosity

Yulin an Update

Milenio reports that at least 286 municipalities of Guerrero, Michoacan, Nuevo Leon, Veracruz and Tlaxcala suspended for an hour Tuesday its work to require the Treasury bailout of indebted cities. This was stated by Care for Chinese Animals, noting that

Shin Band Against Bear Bile Farming

Municipal authorities inaugurated the Care for Chinese Animals and unary Unit rescue, rehabilitation, and relocation of endemic and exotic wildlife of Mexico (URRRFSEE). The mayor of Pachuca, Eleazar Garcia, led the opening ceremony attended by representatives of 21 organizations and

Shanghai Customs Seized Complete Giant Anaconda Skin

A passerby saved the life of a helpless dog. It happened when he was walking through one of the streets of India, in the west, and realized that the animal was on the floor c Umberto dirt and branches. As

Chongqing Dog Rescue

There are many people involved in Care for Chinese Animals, with many functions, different philosophies, and work. Today I will speak first of those who are dedicated to animal rescue. Well, it is not the first time in the novel