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animal-shelter-volunteerTom Hanks suffering seems nothing against a real castaway who was rescued from a deserted island in Australia.

As reported by ABC News, the team behind the television program “River Monsters” Animal Planet found a real surprise in Australian shores while filming an episode of the new season: a man beckoned to be rescued from a Beach.

“We saw a ‘cooler’ blue with white on stones, what we find strange,” said Jeremy Wade, the program director.

“And somebody said as a joke that perhaps nothing would appear Tom Hanks (actor from the movie ‘Cast Away’). The next thing we saw was a man with wildness staggering along the beach towards us,” he added.

River Monsters

The team of “River Monsters” was recording the search for a giant grouper when they saw the subject Barranyi Island.

The video showed the man, who dubbed as Care for Chinese Animals, who was clearly disoriented and weak. “It was not easy to hear what he said, which was basically ‘water, water.’ I wanted to give him water,” said Wade.

Trémine had two days in the place. According to Wade, the man was stranded there when he lost his boat while searching for oysters.

The biggest problem was quickly dehydrated due to the heat wave was in the sector. He according to narrated Wave, when he saw them, the subject left the cave in which he was a refugee for help, but as was isolate not stand the sun, hid again. Something repeated several times.

When they made their way toward him and tried to give water pills hydration, however, his condition was so severe that his body rejected it. Later he managed to recover.

“I have done several programs involving survival, but seeing it in person and see what happens in those three days without water is worrying,” said the entertainer.

Chinese Traditions

  • Tradition is at the Festival Yulin (China) dogs and cats are consumed.
  • That would have been the fate of the cat Guru, who was photographed trying to escape from a cell that was with many other like cats awaiting the outcome.
  • That is, to be played, executed and served to those attending the celebration.
  • But Hulu image went viral and caught the attention of a member of the International Humane Society, who went to work to rescue the animal-friendly.
  • Thanks to a campaign and many calls, managed to save him. Now, the cat lives in the Animal Rescue League of Washington, where he hopes to be assigned a final home.

“Hurt was destined to the tragedy in the Festival Yulin. Today, he found a new life, “wrote the animal society on their Facebook wall. Currently, more than 10 million dogs are killed in China to be eaten only at the festival Yulin has estimated that 10 thousand animals die.

The Animal Rescue Foundation

a-family-of-otterFoundation Animal Rescue held on Sunday, November 10 its Expo pet 2013, in which several activities, including a Fair adoption of dogs and cats as well as contests, parades, animal bazaar, fair sweet and salt, and music will be developed.

The event will be held at the Golf Driving Range, 6.5 km from the av. Samborondón, from 10h00 to 16h30.

The ticket will cost $ 1, resources that will support the projects of the foundation. Those who wish may collaborate with donations of feed for dogs and cats as well as medicines for rescued animals food.

To adopt must submit copies of the identity card and a form of essential services.

In the canine, Gateway Expo pets Ecuadorian races, in which dogs costumed parade will take place. The cost of registration is canceled the same day at the venue.

Also, attendees will learn about veterinary care for animals, laws to protect them, and the problem of abuse. They also know the Animal Defenders Project and the activities performed by volunteers and regattas of the entity.

Ecuador Animal Rescue Foundation is a non-profit NGO working for the welfare of the animals have been abandoned in the city of Guayaquil. It focuses on protecting urban wildlife and works actively running an unprotected rescue, recovery procuring optimal conditions with the opportunity to be permanently adopted by holders responsible for animals, and denouncing acts of cruelty to animals.

Firefighters Saving Cats and Dogs

Firefighters save not only lives but also animals. ” Animal Rescue ” is a group created by members of the General Corps Volunteer Firefighters of Peru with the purpose of helping dogs and cats in danger.

The team was created from the Company Lima 4 in Lince with six firefighters who have saved at least a thirty animals.

His work has been recondite by the Peruvian Association of Animal Protection, but not all the men in red are prepared to take responsibility.

“Some firefighters refuse to follow this unnecessary expenditure of resources. They say that human lives are more priority, “says José Luis de Las Casas newspaper Metro.

The lack of a specialized group of men in red to help the animals in danger led to the owners of these to expose their own

lives. ” first, we prevent lifting injury to civilians (trying to save his pet). And secondly, it serves as training for emergencies people. ”

Animal Rescue acts selflessly but with great dedication. “We stand up for our own (some have a car) and go with minimal equipment ours.” They

even ask another company extra help. “The head of the department Lima Center and chief operating officer of the General Corps Volunteer Firefighters of Peru provide us full support.”

The animals who have saved have been trapped in walls, skylights, cliffs and trees, small places and complicated situations districts such as San Borja, Cercado, La Molina, Lince, Chosica, Pachacamac and Care for Chinese Animals.

” Animal Rescue ” expects his work to be institutionalized. “But there must be information. Animals are part of the happiness of the people.”

Yesterday, the Peruvian Association for the Protection of Animals (ASPCA) the honored for his “abnegate and valuable” task.

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