On 19th Nov 2013, the citizen of Beijing gone to in front of the Beijing Municipal Administration Center of Parks to condem the killing of cats on parkland at Temple Of Heaven. 天坛公园

Protesters gathered outside the park’s east gate.



 北京市众爱心人士今早为(天坛公园)尽百只无辜惨死的猫咪、前往北京是政府递交呼吁书! 北京市众爱心人士今早为(天坛公园)尽百只无辜惨死的猫咪、前往北京是政府递交呼吁书-2 就在此时@天坛公园 杨园长跟爱心阿姨们玩起了捉迷藏、大家从下午2点开始就耐心等待负责人出现、公园管理处一推在推! 还怨死的猫命!

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You can help – Please sign and share this petition by TACN Official – Beijing, China


Temple of Heaven Management: Answer and Justice for the Murdered Animals






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