Lucky 久久 – a positive energy inspirational Healing Stories of Cats

The link below is about a kitten called Lucky Jiujiu; she was run over by a car and broke her right hind leg when she was only about 40 days old on 11th Oct 2013. Zhang Dan rescued the cat and adopted her after surgery; she is much healthier and happier now. She even ordered to make her a wheelchair for leg therapy and recovery though Lucky 久久 doedn’t like it much, she can run very fast by her 3 legs around the house now!

Zhang Dan is the most dedicated animal advocate in China who co-founded China Animal Protection Journalist Salon and works for Fortune Magazine in Beijing.

From 28th Oct 2013, Zhangdan stars to writes a dairy for Lucky久久, this beautiful little kitten is the a positive energy cat inspirational Healing Stories of cats and have been published on Animal Protection Network动保网( ) .

In October, Zhang Dan also rescued another kitten that had fleas all over him, there are before and after pictures in the link below.  He is a beautiful cat. Zhang Dan now has 31 cats in total with these two kittens being the youngest in her home. Mancang满仓

Cute Lucky-Xiao Jiujiu 久久& Xiao Mancang 满仓 are best friends in Zhangdan’s home




Some photos for Lucky 久久& Mancang 满仓, the last two photos were little Mancang 满仓 before and after the rescue.

Lucky久久---一只励志治愈系正能量猫咪的故事先来一张今天拍到的美图:一对小天使-小久久和小满仓小久久也算是拉着小轮椅往前走了几步猫步。 (1)小久久姐姐与小白白弟弟(背景数猫从左至右分别为:白珍珠、Ku-chan和憨宝儿)




The stories of Lucky 久久written by Zhangdan and have been published on Animal Protection Network the link of 动保网( ) .

The link of stories for Lucky  久久are as below.

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