On 30th Aug, an old man beat his own Tibetan mastiff to death in a street of Tianjin. People passing by trying to stop him but were unsuccessful. Tens of thousands of online and overseas media spread the news, causing public outcry against the man. We want the Tianjin Police to investigate the matter and make sure the murderer is punished, and we are strongly calling for the Tibetan Government to bring in laws that will prosecute people who abuse animals. Evil acts like this ruin China’s already bad reputation for the treatment of animals, and murderers like this man cannot get away with this! I hope that justice can be served for this poor dog and all the other animals in China who are suffering. Please help to spread this message by sharing on Facebook, Twitter, Weibo and other social media. Thanks


Link : http://t.cn/z8qfHxa  (VIDEO: WARNING: GRAPHIC IMAGES)

@平安天津 调查。微博网友报30日西青区华亭国际小区残忍打狗,众人劝阻未果!在网上和海外媒体数万转发激起公众愤慨!这种行为给天津的形象造成恶劣影响!请公安介入调查,还原真相、消除影响、依法处罚!同时避免网络人肉信息造成的进一步恶性事件发生!网友请理性!视频http://t.cn/z8qfHxa



TAKE ACTION: Send polite messages to:

Email address of Tianjin Government天津市人民政府: gongkaiban@tj.gov.cn

Email address of Tianjin Supervision Bureau 天津市监察局: tjzwgk@126.com

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