— News from the Customs:

Officers of Hohhot Customs District said they had seized 1.5 tons of Red Deer Antlers entering through Erenhot Frontier Port of Entry on August 10. A Mongolian suspect was captured on the spot.
This is the biggest smuggling case of precious animals and their products that Huhhot Customs has seized in recent years.

Around 16:00 on August 10, a truck loaded with “nothing” nosed its way into the container examination area of the Port’s customs control venue. The scanning showed there was something wrong with the truck. An irregular-shaped shadow was there on the image of the truck’s “empty” hopper. Customs officer found out after manual examination and further investigation that the bottom of the hopper was placed by the smuggler with a 10-cm-thick secret compartment with iron surface,which made the hopper look “empty”. That day, the suspect hid the red deer antlers in the secret compartment and restored the bottom of the hopper with a layer of concrete, trying to deceive customs officers. However, his trick was uncovered.
The investigation was continuing, said customs officers.

According to the statistics,since last year, Huhhot Customs District has seized 26 smuggling cases of precious animals and their products in which 101 wolf corpses, 2 wild ass corpses, 306 Mongolian gazelle horns, 305 wolf teeth, 15 pairs wolf jaws, 7 hides and skins of precious animals and 1 red deer head were seized.



Source – Photo: General Administration of Customs of the People’s Republic of China


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