A stray dog before and after rescuing by a pretty girl @卢SS in Guangzhou in Sep 2012, now this beautiful dog called ‘Taizhang’ (means boss in TV station) is a loving family member of her family. She had Taizhang’s photo posted on Weibo recently to tell people that there are many stray dogs among us, and if you give your hand to help little bit, then their life would be much different, and this touching story as a positive energy being forwarded by more than 50000 people on Weibo by 7thAug 2013. A lot of comments like:  full of love, a miracle…


正能量!丑流浪狗被好心人救治 逆袭成”白富美”(图)




流浪狗被善心人救治成功 完成“白富美”逆转(组图) 流浪狗被善心人救治成功 完成“白富美”逆转(组图-2)
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