Historical Victory of Mars’s Case






Mars, the golden retriever who died mysteriously in Beijing Airport while with China Southern Airline, has finally gotten compensation.

Today on the 26th of July 2013, almost a year after her death, the court case and Mars’ loving owner Zhao Nan, finally wins. Although with very little compensation actually to be paid, this is a new milestone for Chinese animal protection, and is yet another step towards a future of peace and love to all animals in China. This is the first time in Chinese history that the law and court has acknowledged the level of the bond between a pet and their owner; if our pet is taken from us, our hearts will be broken. Out of it all, this is the greatest reward that could have come out of this lawsuit against the airline. There are more than 20000 forwarded and more than 3500 comments from Weibo hours after this historical victory.







This is the first case involving a pet’s death on an airline that was victorious, and could not have happened without the efforts of Mars’ owner and her layer, who fought tirelessly against the large company airline for the sad death of Mars. Support from the media and many others from social networks like Weibo from around the world also brought about this beautiful beginning.

Mars 小心肝.-2pg


The 3 concrete results as ordered by court judgement are as below, all of which must be paid within 10 days from the 26th of July 2013 by China Southern Airline:

1) 836RMB of refunded for shipping Mars on the airline.

2) 22200RMB (US$3500) compensation to be paid to Mars’ family for the expenses of cage damages, vet fees, and the accommodation cost of Mars’ family for this case.

3) 5000RMB (US$800) compensation to be paid for the mental and emotional abuse of Mars’ family.

And all of the legal cost will be paid by China southern Airline as well.

All of the compensation will be donated to animal protection organisations by Mars’ family.

Happy in heaven Mars



Please see the article below to read the full story of Mars’ heartbreaking death and her owner’s fight for her justice.



Briefly translated by Joy Gao 金椒妈



The truth of Mars, a golden retriever’s death with the flight of China Southern Airline at Beijing Airport in August 2012





Historical Victory of Mars’s Case





<Legal action for Justice of Beijing TV> has reported Mars’s wining case on 10:33minute-13:28m, hopefully China Southern and all of the airlines and ground management of airports will learn from Mars’s case to prevent brutal shipping, humane treatment to our beloved animals who cannot speak.


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