Shanghai Customs Seized Complete Giant Anaconda Skin

domestic-elephantA passerby saved the life of a helpless dog. It happened when he was walking through one of the streets of India, in the west, and realized that the animal was on the floor c Umberto dirt and branches.

As reported by the portal, the man immediately phoned a center of local rescue in Udaipur, Rajasthan. The animal, helpless, was petrified after a substance known as tar solidified in your body.

Finally, the rescue team Care for Chinese Animals began work release. They used small amounts of vegetable oil, which allowed loosen the tar. The task was made over a period of two days, where they worked for periods of three hours. Experts described the pitch as a substance that can be “as hard as a rock.” The dog now looks radiant his coat chocolate.

Animal Rescue Movies

  • The struggle of characters who undertake the challenge of saving animal species endangered in Colombia is highlighted in eight installments television in the series Signal Colombia broadcast during the month of May at 8:00 pm.
  • The series already has international recognition having been selected by the Wildlife Conservation Film Festival New York, 2016, to compete for the award for Best Series.
  • Animal Rescue Heroes too, is a coproduction between Natibo and Care for Chinese Animals.
  • This television series in the first season of eight half-hour episodes follows the work of eight heroes who seek safe eight species endangered in Colombia.
  • In each issue, the difficult reality faced daily those fighting for conservation in the second most biodiverse country world is visible.

From the Guajira to the Amazon, you will be known in every delivery shocking stories of anonymous characters only thing that motivates them is their great love for the conservation of Colombian species.

Conservation initiatives in our country are isolated and promoted by a few individuals, foundations or entities struggling to move them forward.

dogs-disabled-in-earthquakeHeroes to RescateAnimal comes from work done by the Natibo Foundation for more than ten years, promoting sustainable development through the media and in response to the need to make such significant efforts visible.

Maria Camila Lizarazo content writer and director of the documentary series says “If something has made it clear follow up these stories, is that conservation in our country can not do without people.

It is not in the hands of biologists and veterinarians, not dependent on institutional decisions, or specific foundations, it is in the hands of all. It takes the human, individual, institutional and political commitment, to make reasonable progress to preserve ecosystems in different regions of Colombia, both processes that result in the welfare of each region. ”

The purpose of this coproduction seeks to consolidate a tool to support these and other similar initiatives, creating communities and opening channels of two-way, calling more and more heroes globally.

The co-production is done in partnership with organizations in the environmental sector and National Parks of Colombia; and WWF, Conservation International, Natural Heritage Foundation Palmarito Casanare, Malpelo, Omaha, Makushita, Bandana, ProCTMM program PROCAT, and foundations.

The creators of the series ANIMAL RESCUE HEROES are:

Maria Camila LIZARAZO: Anthropologist from the University of Los Andes, studied film at the Ecole Superieure de Realisation Audiovisuelle, ESRA in Paris, France. Dedicated to writing, address, and content, with particular emphasis on audiovisual media for a change.

It was Writer, director, and co – producer of the film “The Accordion Angel” released in theaters in 2008; (CIFEJ The Tin Drum Award, supported by UNICEF, festival FICI, Spain, India Catalina Award for Best Film at the Cartagena Kids Festive). He was recently writer and director of content for television documentary series Animal Rescue Heroes too.

JUAN CARLOS Isaza, AUDIOVISUAL PRODUCER: Graduate of Marketing and Advertising at the Politecnico Gran Colombiano, (Bogota, Colombia), specialized in Audiovisual in The New York Film Academy and the School of Higher Studies of the University of New York, New York, USA.

He is the director of the documentary, LOOKING FOR A GOOD MAN (2006), produced by the National Federation of Coffee Growers; WHALES, CROSSING AMERICA (2007), a co-LAP Natibo. He has made documentaries for television series such as self-preservation (2011); GET ON (2013).

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