Kunming Dog Rescue

herman_themarmotOn Sunday, April 6 from 10:00 until 15:30 in the Care for Chinese Animals, located in 418 balms and Ébanos in Urdesa Central, it will be held the Twelfth Day Adoptions Animal Rescue Foundation Ecuador.

Also, parallel activities such as animal bazaar and good sweet and salt, as well as information campaigns for animal advocates will be made. The funds raised will directly benefit those rescued from the streets of Guayaquil animals.

Ecuador Animal Rescue is a nonprofit organization that fights for the welfare of companion animals team. How is the custom of the Foundation, the call is for all Ecuadorians who wish to have in your family a new member, cat or dog.

Those wishing to adopt a pet in the conference should submit:

  • Copy of identity card (preferred color)
  • Copy of return of essential services where to live the adoptee
  • Commitment sterilization (castration or ligation to prevent reproduction)
  • Commitment adoption lifetime

If the adopter meets these requirements may be brought immediately to the new family member home.

It reminds those who want to participate it is forbidden to bring their pets to this event and that adoption is a lifetime commitment, so we invite you to reflect on the decision to have a new member of the family.

A Book for Animal Rescue

Patrick George presents a picture book with a total absence of text, and do not miss because the drawings are so expressive that provide insight into the story without words, as often happens in their children’s plays.

Aimed at young readers, it is intended to inculcate in them the love of animals and respect for the natural environment in which they operate.

When we open any book page the presence of an animal is observed in an artificial environment created by man, either a room of a house, a circus, a cage of a zoo, a fishing net, a bowl of soup shark fin, a neck coat lady or a dustbin among others.

If the reader turns the transparent sheet bearing Care for Chinese Animals on the left page where a natural environment where they can live according to their characteristics reflected: a garden, a forest, a beach, a meadow, a lake, a sea.

Thus so cute small animals decide to rescue those who wish to return to an area of freedom and life; because some are in a cage, in a dolphinarium or a chicken coop, but others end up shoes or clothing.

Both children and parents can have a fun time deciding a change of scenery cats, chickens, foxes, crocodiles, deer, bears, dogs and other animals.

Day of the Homeless Animals

giving-first-aid-to-animals“Costa Rica has an alarming number of stray animals, which in the case of dogs, specifically, could be almost half a million.” So say representatives of Animal Rescue Association, who along with the Spanish-American University (UH), held on Saturday, August 20, the day of homeless animals, large fair adoptions.

  • The activity will take place at the premises of the UH in Llorente de Tibás (600 meters south and 150 meters west of the parking lot of the Costa Rican Electricity Institute), from 10 am to 2 pm
  • There, more than 60 dogs and cats will be ready to become the new pets those wishing to reach out and incidentally, cooperate with the work of the Animal Rescue Association.
  • For lack of funds, this organization requires a proper shelter and then must work with the foster home system.
  • The managing animals that help and medical care, involve expenses that must pay for through donations or activities such as Saturday, said the UH in a press release.
  • Those interested in adopting a pet will be interviewed by officials of the Association, to confirm their eligibility. Then they will give a donation of ¢ 10,000 and ¢ 5,000 cancels another nameplate.
  • All animals are neutered, wormed and with vaccinations.

Sanctuary of Animal Rescue

Gone are the applause, enthusiastic cries of children and adults when pedaling the bicycle or sent kisses girls. The life of Bruno, a young chimpanzee, has changed little over a year.

He now enjoys a space for himself and although occasionally sends kisses through the bulletproof glass, the chimpanzee spends a day playing and eating. Far from their habitat.

Bruno is one of the animals belonging to Barley Circus, which left as depositary Zoo San Jorge when by law they stopped working with animals, they are now exhibited in the areas designated for them.

Having spent years in captivity, the animals were unfit to return to their place of origin, which were deposited at the local zoo in 2015 and its owners and fellow circus, frequently call to ask for them, says Porfirio Silva, manager.

Terry and the elephants Tania 35 and 50 years, respectively; a dromedary, three camels and four spider monkeys, worked in the circus and now cohabit with a pair of rhinos, llamas, zebras, deer, tigers, white lions, hyenas, bears, baboons, spider monkeys, ostriches, jaguars, bobcats, coatis , American buffalo, turtles and lizards, among others.

the zoo located in the ejido El Sauzal within an area of 2.5 hectares became his sanctuary when the circus obeyed the laws of Animal Welfare in Chihuahua prohibit the use of animals in shows entertainment.

“The animals were well cared for, they are now better, are adapting, ” said Porfirio Silva, who in the afternoons playing with the chimpanzee, which like clapping and blowing kisses.

“Bruno had several acts, he knew riding cycling, dancing, was ala Trista, cheered and blew kisses, which is imposed to human contact, “says the vet.

except for these species circus, the rest of the animals have been acquired by the zoo or have been sharing with other similar sites.

Here are reproduced jaguars, zebras, baboons, 15 llamas, deer, pumas, and lynxes, says the graduate of the Autonomous University of Ciudad Juarez in the generation 1997-2002.

Precisely in its commitment the highest seat of learning, Porfirio reached an agreement with his alma mater so that students can learn these species and sometimes have attended births of females.