This happened on the 25th of March in the evening. A girl was walking her dog along the street of Hefei in the Anhui Province, when a young man suddenly ran up to her dog and hugged the dog crying. Mr. Zhou’s dog went missing in September 2012 and he never found him, and later had to move away. The girl, named Taozhi, had found the dog on the streets alone and decided to take him in. The young man showed the photo of his dog on his cell phone to the girl, and gave orders to sit and turn around, proving that this was indeed his lost dog.  Taozhi was moved at how much this man loved his dog, and although she had adopted the dog as her own, she returned the dog to the old owner.

This was witnessed by Mr. Qifei, who was walking his own dog and was chatting with Taozhi when Mr. Zhou ran to the dog. Mr. Qifei took these pictures and posted them to Weibo, where they touched many users and gathered more than 6000 forwarded messages. In an interview, Mr. Qifei said that he was very much moved and happy that the owner had found his dog again, as many beloved pets go missing and they are not always found. The most heart warming part was the missing dog got adopted by loving and caring person when the dog was gone street.

Translated by Joy Gao


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