Chongqing Dog Rescue

feeding-rescued-animalThere are many people involved in Care for Chinese Animals, with many functions, different philosophies, and work. Today I will speak first of those who are dedicated to animal rescue.

Well, it is not the first time in the novel I wrote here Friday to Friday, and whose review finishing (missing was a proper correction), a chapter was starring a ransom.

Only ransoms are often not as simple as I described; require many days of duty, patience, stolen sleep, family, leisure hours, whatever it takes to save a life.

Volunteers who devote their time to get used to always eat at the same place an animal that has lost confidence in man and not get caught, watching for long nights, crossing roads and lost villages after the announcement of a wounded animal, patrol, riding cages traps, fighting the misunderstanding of many, few hands, the few resources.

At about the dedicated Team Animal Rescue (ERA), which responds notices that require specialized equipment, because that’s them: specializes in animal rescue that needs to publicize its work to do more, help more, save more lives. Annually they saved about 250 dogs.

Successful Rescues

endangered-animal-in-iceAnimals like Elvish, which appeared on the side of the road and even the slightest movement seemed confident retired. They were putting food daily in the same place, and she came punctual to the appointment, but always remained several meters of the people who brought him food.

  • The day the rescue team was in the cage trap approached a roundabout to food, distrusting even more.
  • Once in the cage Elvah put it all on his part, did not a bad gesture.
  • Many rescues are tough and hard to make the animals calm down to get them into the cage and take them to a safe place.
  • As the greyhound Tuna, a lucky carom. When the rescue team was looking for another greyhound, appeared él.Se was one of those towns where animals roam the streets without anyone inmate.
  • Tuna distrusted but was so hungry that managed to take with him without using a cage trap, only with cans of pâté. Besides bone, it was full of wounds.

They had to leave in a locked enclosure while continuing with another bailout, which proved fruitless, but when they returned and received his rescuers moving the tail and looking for pampering.

And Kiba, who ran away from his foster home and viewing eating near a container. Any attempt to approach the rescue team made Kiba ran off, with the danger that entailed, as Care for Chinese Animals crossed roads without looking.

Days and nights were spent sleepless vigilance; the police were aware. Until the seventh rescue attempt were unsuccessful.

The Animal Rescue Workshop

To train and educate Tachira in the field of animal protection and rescue, as well as prevention of diseases in children and adolescents, the Coordination of Zoonosis Corposalud met with the various coordinators involved in the area.

As said Mary Fuentes, regional coordinator of Zoonosis, through agreement with the Educational Zone and through the student brigades, health personnel in the veterinary area gives workshops health information for the prevention of zoonotic diseases in different institutions educational Tachira.

He said the meeting also was attended by Domingo Vivas, head of Zoonosis District 9; Ana Torres, medical veterinary and Marian Le Boulenge, coordinator of the Student Brigades Animal Protection and Rescue Tachira Educational Zone.

Fuentes said that there are four years of promoting this educational work supported by Domingo Vivas, head of Zoonosis District 9, in which the information is taught in different schools with scheduling favorable schedules in all the communities and Zoonoses .

Meanwhile, Marian Le Boulenge, coordinator of the Student Brigades Animal Protection and Rescue Educational Zone Táchira, said that since 2012 have worked with the Coordination of Zoonosis, making monthly and quarterly schedules level throughout the school year, in order that children and their families vaccinated, desparasiten and care for their pets.

He noted that schools have made canines festivals where children have the opportunity to participate in the contest with your pet and provide guidance regarding the care of animals.

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