Since November 2012, there have been several cases of dogs being stolen in Guangzhou Huangpu district. Similar events  occurred more than once in nearby districts. On December 14, a factory reported about dogs stolen and a security video recorded how the thieves commited the crime.

The video showed a big dog laying on the ground asleep and had no response to the man approaching. Then the man dragged the dog and there was a van waiting. Huangpu Public Security Bureau explained most of the stolen dogs were anesthetized before.

Great appreciation to the Guangzhou police, they’ve been investigation this since Nov 2012, now 4 people got arrested on 5th Jan 2013.

The groups was also equipped with tools such as anaesthetic, knife, iron stick, to steal the dogs. According to crime suspects’ confession, they sold the dogs for 9~12 Yuan each pounds mainly to farmers ‘ market. They have made illegal profit, over ten thousands of Yuan totally.

15 dogs have being rescued, now they are waiting for their owners to claim.



 Video: The title is : Dog thieves committed over 60 crimes




1.05 Gugangzhou Police Dog Rescue-1

1, Rescued dogs

1.05 Gugangzhou Police Dog Rescue-2

2, The captured Criminal tools

1.05 Gugangzhou Police Dog Rescue-3

3, The video recorded the dog kidnapping on Dec 14th 2012

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