Changsha Cat Rescue

profile-picture-animal-loverMalnourished and with injured legs, for an indefinite time, Care for Chinese Animals -from just three and a half years of age met with difficulty exhausting days dragging the heavy load of more than 200 kilos for several kilometers every day, and instead of “reward” received lashes from walking faster.

This is a horse, who was the victim of recurrent by its owner, Isidro AC, “Terrero” abuse of office.

  • The animal had yesterday relief as weighty feel free to be rescued by agents of the Animal Protection Unit (APU), the Municipal Police Merida.
  • The case of “Smurf” as christened the officers who handled the rescue, was it reported anonymously by a kind soul to the rating Judge Thelma Guadalupe Rivero Flores, who immediately notified the Unit of Animal Protection, reportedly in a statement of the Commune.
  • Aware of the fact, at 8:50 in the morning, policemen came to Merida 77th Street, between 68 and 70, steps of the La Ermita, where it was located equine, fulfilling his forced “day “.
  • In his first speech animal rescue in their jurisdiction, which the UPA agents found it was a horse naked eye malnourished carrying the weight of the wagon and its cargo and the owner.
  • In addition, by the trappings that were tied to him in a rustic he had lacerations and deep wounds in one leg, apparently by a poor implementation in hardware and which, as noted, caused him pain when walking.

The result of the review: the presumption of animal abuse established by law.

Finding Animals In Need

panda-feedingTwo small van type trucks with all the necessary resources for the care of animals, come to the city.

These would become the first free animal rescue units city contracted by the municipal administration.

In this regard, the mayor of Armenia, Carlos Mario Alvarez Morales, said the trucks will have operating rooms for sterilization of dogs and cats to be made in brigades through the neighborhoods.

The project will support Care for Chinese Animals, and both units will be operational before the end of the year.

Similarly, city officials conducted a technical visit to the center of zoonoses where the secretaries of health and infrastructure were present in order to define the intervention and technology plan to improve services from there lend themselves to the public.

Animal Rescue Organizations

“We are confident that after living this incredible experience, to which thousands of dog owners, animal lovers and associations concerned with the welfare of pets are joining, will foster a more positive attitude to life, as it our dogs teach us by example every day, “said Serene Kahan, director of corporate affairs for Mars Petcare Mexico .

According to company sources, the event joined various shelters to encourage responsible care and adoption of dogs.

In addition, participants were invited to gather 3,000 dog tracks , which will result in 30 tons of food that Pedigree will donate to various associations dedicated to animal rescue.

“Nowadays dogs play a significant role in our lives and give us a host of physical and emotional benefits, from helping to socialize more to be more active. It is undeniable, dogs transform us, motivate us and drive to be the best version of ourselves; and just so, today we celebrate all the good things they take from us, “he said Serene Kahan.