On Sep. 16, 15 dogs were saved from the slaughter in Yinchuan city, Ningxia.  A few years ago, a dog seller named “Lao Wu” started this bloody business of slaughtering dogs in the market. Recently the local volunteers realize that this is a violation to slaughter dogs without any license and illegal certificate of animal inspection. Then they report to the relevant government officials. But to their disappointment, no government department take a notice to their report. A policeman (please refer to the photo attached) even stared at the volunteer with ferocious eyes, as if they are treating the volunteers as criminals! The policeman told the volunteers  that eating dogs is illegal in Yinchuan city. Despite the fact that the dog seller has been violating the law of animal inspection and food safety by doing such business, the volunteers’ report to the government failed, which resulted in their negotiation of buying dogs from the trader. They called for donation of 20,000 Yuan(Chinese currency) for paying the trader and finally saved all the dogs. The trader promised by signing an agreement with the volunteers that he would not sell and slaughter dogs anymore.

Now the dogs rescued are taken care by volunteers of Yinchuan Animal Guardian in the shelter and ready to be adopted.

Written by: A chinese animal lover


the dog safter rescuered

this dog was scared to eat after the horrible experience

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