20 July

There was dog rescue that started yesterday on Jing Shen Highway (Beijing-Shenyang). Two trucks were on the highway heading to Shenyang, the capital city of the LiaoNing Province, with all together 800 dogs. Some of these dogs have already died in the hot weather and horrible conditions. The rescuers waited over night for over twenty hours for the police force and quarantine officers to come, who took a long time to arrive and were reluctant to help at all. Through negotiations the police said the truck driver’s quarantine certificate was true, but this is impossible! The smaller truck with 200 dogs managed to escape by driving up the opposite side of the highway. As the certificated was ‘true’, the larger truck was also allowed to leave. The volunteers had to watch the truck leave after twenty hours of such hard word. Only around ten volunteers were left at this point, too small a number to put up a fight.

As of this moment, volunteers in a Shenyang toll station are waiting for the truck to go through here. They are going to try and stop this truck again.

Thank you for your wonderful concern, and wish us luck for rescuing these dogs successfully.

21 July

Unfortunately, the truck with more than 500 hundred caged dogs didn’t go through Shenyang but was heading another way gone to Yanjie in Jilin Provence, north of Liaoning Provence. Everyone is so disappointed!  Heartbroken for those poor suffering dogs.

Still great appreciations for those brave and dedicated volunteers who tried their very best to save those poor souls!  We are calling for the animal protection law in China!



20 July
brave women volunteers were lying down in front of the truck to stop it being drive away at the first rescue
 loving volunteers tried their best to set the cover to block the sun on top of the truck



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