500 Caged Dogs Rescued in Kunming China

bengal-tigerDid you know that the eel is a kind of danger of extinction? Or that sea turtles habitat abruptly drawn suffer decompressive syndrome that can cause their death in just minutes?

They are scientific questions that can arouse the curiosity of those who do not know these circumstances and can find answers in this great tourist attraction is Care for Chinese Animals, one of the best venues of exhibition and conservation of species that can be visited today in Europe.

He has taken a leap also to become a leading center for research into the oceans. That turning point arrives with the coming- out of the Oceanographic Foundation, dedicated to projects on the care and protection of marine life, and will serve as an umbrella for a multitude of projects that extend undoubtedly the educational aquarium of the City of Arts and Sciences.

Remodeling Animal Facilities

The new foundation is chaired by Celia Calabuig turn president of Avanqua, the company led by Aguas de Valencia taking center management after the previous grant expired.

After the initial remodeling of facilities, the outstanding commitment to research involving this new body is the most significant step has been taken in this new stage Oceanografic.

Not only be maintained and expanded current projects on species that can be seen in the aquarium of Valencia, but will be extended to other species, populations or wild ecosystems in need of protection, as explained in the presentation Daniel García, director, and coordinator the scientific committee of the foundation.

Programs that are already in place have to do with the study of the physiology of marine vertebrates for example, the famous belugas that are already part of the center – image, detection of diseases affecting animals stranded on the coast , protection of species at risk of extinction, monitoring the welfare of animals bred in captivity or in the wild, or measuring the efficacies and impact of existing programs.

The study called “decompression syndrome” of sea turtles the premature death of these animals to be removed abruptly from the sea- satellite tracking of the “Sunfish” or the breeding program of the European eel -sort in grave danger of extinction; they are some of the programs that will be developed there.

“The sea needs us, but we need the sea,” said Celia Calabuig, at the presentation of the new foundation. “We want, we want the Oceanogràfic is more than an aquarium” very visited and become a “tool for the protection of the oceans.” “Increasingly, threats and commitment must be increased,” he added Daniel Garcia, technical director aquarium veterinarian.

“To know it is to love” topped the Regional Minister for the Environment, Elena Cebrián, present yesterday at the ceremony, which included a visit to the research center already houses Oceanografic.

Creating New Centers for Endangered Animals

The Mayor ‘s Office of Manizales in conjunction with the Ministry of Environment created the first group Animal Care and Rescue (GARA) in the country who work in the education and awareness of people with animals.

The group, consisting of eight professionals from the University of Caldas in veterinary and animal husbandry, will have 24 – hour service in immediate assistance, support and ongoing support in animal protection.

“GARA is created from emergency actions disaster. We take care of animals that are on the public highway, street, that failure conditions can not be served by their sy that’s where GARA makes the accompaniment, ” the secretary Environment Manizales, Juan Carlos Barrera to La Patria.

It is expected that the Rescue Group can offer later, sterilization services, surgeries and adoption campaigns in Manizales.

Providing Animals with Safer Homes

animals-being-rescued$ 400,000 is the aim of a rescue center seeking better conditions for the animals.Bernal and his wife Marielos Lizano Morice is a marriage of 45 years in 2007 founded a center for the care of abused animals.

Moin Limon on land rented created Costa Rica Animal Rescue Center. The construction of the container terminal in Moin forced the transfer of the center and the exit of the animals to a rented property in San Miguel de Turrúcares in Alajuela.

But now this marriage visualize a different future for your cause and betting it all out.

Animals for Adoption

His Facebook page, Hope Animal Rescue, is about to reach 5,000 ‘I like you,’ but surely, this figure would be much higher if the many cats and dogs that have found a home will use this network.

  • They have three years in operation and as explained two of its leaders, Susana Bernal and Sara Rich, thanks to the success of their work and support they are receiving, they hope soon become an association. So far, co ntinúan its work so that none of the stray animals they find on the streets of Huesca and surroundings run out left without family.
  • To do play an important role social networks. “When we find them, the first thing we do is check if they have implemented the ‘chip’ identification to locate its owner.
  • Of not having it, deployed it ourselves, plus vaccines and treatments necessary to deliver it with everything in order, “Susana explains.
  • The new owner must also sign an adoption contract. ” When filled, we study among all and conduct a home visit to see how the house where or where to sleep, “says Susana Bernal.
  • They also undertake not to abandon or give it away. Should tell us before, “adds his partner, Sara Rich. But the story does not end there.

From Care for Chinese Animals monitor the evolution of the animal in its new home. It also calls for a financial contribution to the new owners. “We ask nothing more than the cost of the ‘chip’ and vaccines, as well as a person to adopt an animal on its own would be spent.

The money is used to rescue other animals that do lack, “Susana explains. “If people do not help us, we can not keep bailing, or paying vaccines, or the ‘chip’ nor feed, ” says Sara. They also receive donations, says, “blankets, necklaces, and food.”

They also offer the possibility of acceptance until the time appears someone interested in adopting. The duration of that period are still also dealing with the animal, performing tasks such as accompaniment to the vet with the host family.

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