Just Another Food Scandal Landfill Becomes Cattle Feedlot

panda-coupleThey are the silent victims of the earthquake. Wander through the rubble of destroyed buildings and houses, some unowned, others astray.

And his drama, ignored by many to human tragedy left by the earthquake of 7.8 degrees that shook Ecuador last Saturday, has moved the conscience of hundreds of activists nationwide have joined forces to bring help. Are the animals affected by Earthquake.

Saving Animals from the Earthquake

The stories are many. As the Care for Chinese Animals in Manta, whose buildings collapsed and several dogs rescued from the street were crushed. Others escaped.

Therefore, various foundations and animal rescue groups collect donations to bring them to the disaster areas and meet the victim’s animals. Although aid is not just for dogs and cats. In the collection points also they receive donations for people.

The group Ethical Animal Treatment (TEA) leads one of the calls, along with other activists. Monica Chonillo, president of the group, told THE TELEGRAPH that exists a nationwide network of animal help Donation 2016, which was created to (or “intending to”) a major event to be held in July. But given the raised emergency earthquake, the network was activated to bring aid to animals.

“Via WhatsApp we are connected to all cities, identify needs, logistics, the requirement of safe conduct, among other related topics with the work held in the disaster areas, “he said the activist, who for years has fought against animal abuse.

  • They have formed two groups, which will leave on Thursday bringing it up Esmeraldas and Manabi collected. Donations are received at the Clinic Ceramics, Av Dañín Square opposite the National Development Bank.; and local natural products for sale in Vélez 704 and Rumichaca.
  • On the other hand, the Animal Rescue Foundation, the group I Love Animals and Unity Rescue, and Recovery Prefecture of Guayas (URRA) have also teamed up to bring donations, both people, and animals.
  • On Monday and brushed to a packed truck Manta food, clothing, food supplies and medicines.
  • They were about 50 boxes of food for humans and 500 kilos of animal feed.
  • They traveled doctors and veterinarians. Tuesday has scheduled another shipment of donations, this time, canoes and Pedernales.
  • Viviana Vásconez, president of Animal Rescue, said that “we are all important at this point.

man-holding-chimpanzeeThere are many families who ask for help for themselves and their pets. So we joined activist groups. Also, they are joining private companies. There has been a great response. ” According to the young, have contacted groups around the country have also traveled to the area of the cataclysm and they are coordinating how it will work and distribute aid.

“Seeing natural disasters around the world, and that animal also suffers the consequences, it has made us aware of these problems, and we have them in mind.

They also need a protocol of care , “he said The collection points of this campaign are: _Hotel Villa Canina, in Lomas de Urdesa Street Los Cerros 2320 and hills, near the gate of the Lomas; Veterinary Pet Mansion in balms and Ébanos 418 (Urdesa); IPAC College, next to Piazza Samborondón; and URRA of the Prefecture of Guayas, on behalf of I Love Animals. Donations reception throughout the week.

Another group that collects food and medicine to bring the cities affected by the earthquake is formed by the group Care for Chinese Animals and independent activists, together with the Ministry of Public Health, which will coordinate the delivery of the collected. Cinelli Rosales, Animal Rescue Independent, said that donations received in Aguirre 1503 and José de Antepara.