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Just recently and just down the road from our bear sanctuary in Chengdu, rescue centre staff from Qi Meng Shelter and Home of Love intercepted a truckload of around 800 dogs bound for the live-animal markets of the south. Animals Asia staff then began visiting both shelters, which are doing incredible work releasing the dogs from the cages, separating them in terms of gender, injury and disease and working around the clock to save as many lives as possible.

As with the dog and cat market investigation we conducted earlier in the year, many of the dogs are wearing collars, clearly socialised with people, and clearly stolen from their families — their cries as we leave the enclosures are heartbreaking

The staff of Qi Meng are battling against the odds trying to source medications, volunteer staff and basic necessities, such as food, dog beds, cages and construction materials which will upgrade their bio-security and health protocols on site. Please click here for details of how you can help.

800 dogs saved from China’s meat trade 

Eight hundred sick and terrified dogs are fighting for their lives after being rescued from the dog-meat industry …. One local animal shelter in Chengdu has kindly taken in around 350 of the dogs and Animals Asia’s vet team is offering advice, medicines and practical help with quarantine and treatment. 

Please donate to Animals Asia, so they can provide more emergency help for these dogs, and so that they can continue their campaign to end the terrible trade in dogs (and cats) for their meat. Here are a few examples of how your gift can provide immediate help for the dogs: 

US$3 buys 5 litres of IV fluids (saline)
US$15 buys 10 food bowls
US$24 buys 100 surgical gloves
US$46 buys 20 blankets
US$60 buys 20 surgical gowns
US$88 buys two large dog beds
US$150 buys 100 IV catheters
US$188 buys four isolation cages
US$314 employs a temporary shelter-worker for a month

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