Photo: Peta/Karremann

In 2004 Australia banned the import of fur from dogs and cats. However, tests by Humane Society International in February 2011 showed that dog fur items could still be bought in Australia. And a broader investigation in May has shown that this was not just an isolated incident.

Imported dog and cat fur products are often deliberately mislabeled as ‘rabbit’, ‘fox’ or ‘raccoon dog’ in an attempt to escape import bans in Australia, the EU and US.

Most fur comes from China where there are no animal welfare laws. An estimated 2 million dogs and cats are killed for their fur in China each year, but many millions more rabbits, mink, foxes and other animals are also victims of this industry; many are even skinned alive.

Every fur product causes unnecessary cruelty and suffering — no matter which type of animal it was stolen from.


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