Latest News on Animal Rescue and Saving Animals in China

tiger-in-water“People will save lives” is the name of the animal rescue brigade created by a group of volunteer firefighters Fire Company Lima 4, known as the ‘Bomba Lima.’ To date, they have saved more than 50 pets trapped in skylights, cliffs, rivers and trees.

The idea of an Animal Rescue Brigade was born with the purpose of saving the lives of many dogs and cats are at risk, many of them abandoned in deep wells. Also, by the constant dangers that the owners of these pets are exposed to want to save them from inaccessible places.

“We were doing a course of rope rescue in the fire company of La Molina, and a lady came saying that his cat had been stuck in the skylight as at 8 pm, the access site was impossible for one person. We were a group of firefighters and rescued the pet; our satisfaction was having liberated the Pussycat, and the family has been euphoric, “said Lieutenant Brigadier CBP José Luis de las Casas, a member of this specialized group.

In the beginning, the animal rescue and saving animals in China unit moved only by the Center of Lima, but today many companies nationwide emergency responders in animal rescue.

Animal Rescue – The Next Step

Through the operation Care For Chinese Animals website Profepa ensures the best conditions seek preservation and animal welfare

As part of the program “forced to Freedom Address,” the Federal Attorney for Environmental Protection (Profepa) and the Navy (Semar) will move to 11 fat cats a sanctuary for wildlife animals in conditions of abuse and neglect Denver, Colorado, United States.

the-first-animalsThe operation is continued engagement with Profepa rescued from abuse and exploitation animals, which is required to find the best preservation conditions and welfare of these animals.

  • Cats are six tigers, two jaguars, two lions and a leopard seized from circuses or individuals by unworthy living conditions to which they were subjected.
  • Post-assurance were channeled for evaluation and treatment Bioparque Pachuca.
  • Once the animals were rescued and rehabilitated will address a must for your freedom in a sanctuary that gives them space, food, and exceptionally quiet ride.
  • The preparations for the airlift of the cats will be conducted with the logistical support of Semar, who arranged a house type 295 aircraft also will support boarding maneuvers each of the 11 wild animals.
  • Is scheduled to depart to Denver is made from the hangar Seminar in Mexico City, later on, a first scale would in Laredo, Texas, to meet the applicable legal provisions by the United States; and finally the trip to Denver where TWAS and the team will wait for the transfer to the Sanctuary is resumed.

The transfer has been prepared under the strictest measures to ensure minimum stress to the animals, as the trip lasts 12 hours.

The Wild Animal Sanctuary has an area of 300 hectares and currently houses 350 species, among which lions, tigers, bears, and wolves, confined in vast areas under semi-captivity.

Animal Rescue Open to the Public

The Municipality of Asunción has free animal rescue works for the prevention of diseases such as rabies and leishmaniasis. Walking from house to house or in coordination with those wishing to use the service.

Patricia Franco, Department of Health Zoonosis Unit of the Municipality of Asuncion, said the free works to transfer a vaccination team that performs the application of rabies free.

“Our campaign rabies vaccination is free. You are granted a certificate to the owner where it is confirmed that the animal was vaccinated, “ the official explained to Telefutura Friday.

snow_leopardFranco explained that the mobile does not have the ability to lift stray animals because they lack a physical space to keep them, but they work in coordination with organizations such as SOS Pets Adopt me or to perform a rescue, as long as has coordinated a temporary home.

“We also do campaigns for sterilization of stray animals, and there is also a small drive placement of homeless animals. We are working together with civil society to alleviate these issues of responsible pet ownership and prevent diseases, the latter in conjunction with the Care For Chinese Animals website, “he said.

Keeping Rescued Animals

A pigeon captured Tuesday in prison in Costa Rica with 14 grams of cocaine and marijuana 14 spend the rest of his days in captivity and on display to the public, reported the Zoo Animal Rescue Center Ave.

The animal, named popularly as the “narco Paloma” was delivered Wednesday at Zoo Ave by the authorities of the prison police after his capture in La Reforma prison, located about 25 kilometers west of San Jose.

“By entering were performed physicals, fortunately, had no injury, but spend time in quarantine to watch and then go to display as their condition and species can not be released,” said the Zoo Ave in social networks.

According to the animal rescue center, the pigeon is of the species Columba livia, which is not native to Costa Rica, and therefore is considered exotic.

After some tests and quarantine period, which is used to rule out disease, “narco Paloma” will be displayed to the public with a group of birds of the same species, but will not be released.

The bird black, who carried with him a bag of the same color filled with drugs, allegedly was trained to enter the criminal La Reforma and deliver a dose of the drug to some of the inmates, authorities said the day of his arrest.

The case of the “narco Paloma” has caused astonishment among Costa Ricans, as well as a shower of jokes on social networks.

Fighting Against Animal Abuse

saving-pandas-in-chinaFoundation Animal Rescue and the Prefecture of Guayas join the investigations to punish the responsible for the case of abuse of a dog, tied to one leg to the back of a car while driving on the road in Manabi.

Photo flows from the afternoon of Monday 20 April on social networks and has become viral reaction of rejection of advocacy groups of animals.

Viviana Vasconez, president of the Foundation Animal Rescue, reported that it has already identified the driver the car and home, in addition to the sector in which the events occurred, in Calcutta, Manabi.

“we are preparing the complaint, and as a foundation, we are investigating the supported case of NGOs of Manabi because there have to file the lawsuit …” he said Vasconez.

The complaint will be raised based on the regulations of the Penal Code which penalize up to seven days in prison who causes the death of an animal. To Vásconez, such cases demand the immediate approval of the Organic Law on Animal Welfare (LOBA).

“With an organic law and there will be a national coverage. And it is superior to any regulation and ordinance because it will allow all Ecuador have legal tools to defend animals and work in their favor,” he said.

Meanwhile, the perfect Jimmy Jairala said intervene through the Unit Animal Rescue and Recovery, the Provincial Government. And it will closely monitor the investigations of the police and prosecution.”

The bottom line in this picture is that it is more necessary than ever LOBA Act, which will regulate all these things will punish severely the animal abuse cases that have so far been drifting and adapted to existing laws for such violations. “